Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is the way we do our work

This is the way we do our work, do our work, do our work. This is the way we do our work, all the live long day!

Does he look happy to share the church blueprints with Taz? I think NO, but Taz sure looks content.

My dear honey puts up with our animals only because he loves me. Although I think Bentley is on his last nerve! Pray for my Beagle.

Then there is of course my Pet Care business!
It has been a busy month for vacationers, which means mula for me!
Please meet Bentley the beagle (he's mine) Jack, Honey and Kuda...yes Kuda could eat you in one bite, but he is the sweetest one ever!
I told you John was a patient man!!


Richard-n-Candace said...

I love these pics.. Pastor looks soo thrilled with Taz working right next to him. Bentley still looks like he's losing weight everytime i see him...

The Kinnicutt Krew said...

Hysterical picture of Pastor Ludka! We have a "zoo" here too.
When we finally bought our own house, we filled it with my parents and lots of animals. :-)

tikolena said...

Dear Bonnie & John, enjoyed reading your blog stories.We loved every minute( yes, it was so short) spend at your house. Will be praying for you.Thank you and God bless you all...
Lena and Tiko

Mrs. Pizo said...

Are you sure that it is mula for you or does that go straight to Pastor as payment for his patients? LOL!