Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

February brings us to our annual ski trip. This year was not quite the same experience we have enjoyed in the past. One might say "well, it's an adventure that will be remembered". Grandpa Ludka bought us lift tickets this year for Christmas...which is a huge savings! So, we thought "Lets head up early and stay the night, we can take the kids tubing because it's only $10 for 3 hours. Then we will get a hotel and get a good nights sleep before the rest of the church arrives." Ah good idea! Think again. We headed out Friday in the worst storm CT has had this year...it was slow going! The wind shield wipers on the drivers side were not working well. About every 15 minutes John had to reach around the front of the van and knock the snow off the wipers...yes, while driving! Joel was pretty cranky most of the trip. About 45 minutes upon our arrival we found out why...thank God for fast moving hands and an empty coffee cup to catch his lunch! Yuck! Of course this led to more traumatic behavior "I want to go home, I want my bed!" We arrived at the hotel. Joel went straight to bed, but wouldn't settle until he had me in his vice...of two arms and two legs clamped around my body. John decided to take the boys sledding on our great $10 deal...to find out it was double the price! Why did we come up early? Oh yes, the great adventure that will be remembered...must keep reminding myself.

Ahhh Saturday has arrived...a new day and everyone is rested and healthy. We'll skip over the story about the 1000's of people that were at the ski lodge because Bonnie forgot it was Winter Break for school kids. After a looooong time in line and hearing "is it our turn yet" we finally got our skis and snowboards. We refreshed Joel's skills on the Bunny Slope. John says "he's ready, I'm taking him up the mountain" Is it possible to forget everything you ever knew from the Bunny slope to the mountain?? Well Joel completely went brain dead on us. Poor John had to inch down the mountain picking Joel up every 5 minutes all morning. He didn't mind, but i am sure he was itching to zoom down the mountain by this time. So after lunch I said "I'll take him, you go ski!" By this time, I told Joel we were turning his snowboard in for skis...thinking he would be more balanced. Nope, lets just say my arm was burning in pain from having to hold him while trying to get down the mountain. I decided we would find John and let him know "Joel is DONE!" After waiting at least 30 minutes at the bottom, there was still no John. He should have been down by now! But then again it was his first run of the day...maybe he's a little slow. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the same people were sitting on the chair lift when i arrived. Hmmm wouldn't it be funny if John was on it? Well, as time ticked on...it wasn't funny anymore! He was stuck on the broken chair lift with Jonathan for an hour and 15 minutes! He said his legs went numb in the first 15, then the side of his face then his hands. They had to rescue them with a rope to get them down! At least he got a free lift ticket and a cup of hot chocolate. By the time he made it down, it was time to go home...the man didn't ski one time this day! Why did we come..."oh yes, to have an adventure to always be remembered!"

Friday, February 15, 2008


YYY What fun we had. You see, Valentine's Day comes at a very busy time for our family. We celebrate 3 birthdays and an anniversary this month, so V-Day has never been a day for John and me. We have always made it a fun day for the family. Last night we made heart shaped, chocolate chip pancakes, served up with eggs and pink milk (red food coloring). Jacob asked if the milk was going bad because it looks pink...he is my blond for sure! Then Joel and Jeffrey made Valentine cards for their friends at school. YYY

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little Old Men

What's that you say, Sonny Boy? Today was the boys "100th Day of School". Each year on the 100th day the entire school dresses up like they are 100 years old. They love this event, and quite frankly, I end up cracking up the most. When Pasha walked out of his room with pants too short, suspenders and all bent over I thought I would lose it...and I did! Justin, being the creative one that he is, was decked out in a robe and a homemade oxygen tank. You will notice Joel is teary eyed in his pictures. Let's just say, his old man costume bit the dust and it was of his own doing. Why is it that kids always want your help and input and when you come up with a great plan, they want to change it? The glasses that Justin is wearing were really for Joel, but during his complaining that they make him sneeze, he ripped of an eyebrow and was moving towards the mustache. I figured he didn't want them and handed them to Justin....needless to say, we landed in meltdown mode. Such the mean Mother that I am, i told him to "move on and realize where complaining will get you." I am sure the day will be a blast...after they take their Geritol of course!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Groundhog's Day!

We are probably the only couple that get Happy Groundhog's Day wishes from family and friends, oddly enough...that is our anniversary. It is hard to believe that John and I just celebrated 17 years. It has been such a great time learning each other, enjoying the ups and downs...but mostly the laughter. I am so glad I married a man with a sense of humor...he keeps me on my toes! After 17 years I am still learning about this man. Last night I learned (and about 60 other people) all about carpet sharks! The man's brain is a facinating organ! Well, it hasn't been a dull 17 years that is for sure. Thank you dear for all your love, support, transparency, counsel, consistancy and even all the teasing I have received all these years! You are my rock and I will always love you! (By the way, if you want to learn about carpet sharks you will have to buy the CD from church!)

Jacob's 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jake. We celebrated at Pizza Hut...this is quite a treat for a family our size. Jake was thrilled when Dad even ordered him a plate of buffalo wings and breadsticks to go along with the pizza. Then we came home for cake and ice cream and watch the thrill of opening Madden 2007 for the X-box. Grandma and Grandpa picked Jacob up for his weekend with them. This is a new thing they have started with each of the boys. The weekend around their birthday, they take the birthday boy for some one on one with Gramps. Grandpa took Jake to breakfast Saturday morning, did some shopping for a cool Patriots football then to an Agatha Christie Play. He had a blast.