Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Home was especially inviting this year. It seemed this upcoming Christmas season crept in the back door and was almost overlooked until it was sitting on my lap! I hit the ground running when I realized "What? Only 14 days left!" Not much had been done. So from that moment on it was all hussle and bussle. Needless to say, being home on December 25th was a welcomed day! The kids slept in until 8:30 (phew!). We started with John opening up the Bible and reading the Christmas story and thanking the Lord for sending His son to be the Savior of the world. Jeffrey and Joel passed out the presents. It was a grand time. John helped me with all the food before his Dad and Marian arrived. We spent the day relaxing and chatting while the kids enjoyed the day with their new treasures. Grandpa put on his "Santa" suit...which is really red pj's with the drop drawer in the back. The kids got a good laugh as he passed out their gift of $50 each for a family ski trip. We are all so excited. Grandma Bailey got the boys a computer, which of course was quite a thrill, now lets just pray it is used for school and not just games. We are a blessed family and thank God everyday for his generosity and goodness to us.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Jon

Jonathan turned 15! This is so hard to believe. We had a nice evening with just family...a request from the birthday boy. We had Pizza Hut and an ice cream cake. Jonathan was thrilled with his Red Sox paraphernalia. The Red Sox ball is officially signed by 3rd baseman Mike Lowell. If you look closely at the picture of Jon and his 6' 2" father you will notice he is not to far behind. But as Dad says " will NEVER be stronger!" We'll see won't we!

Yummy cookies for our sailors

Every year our church bakes literally thousands of cookies to hand out to our single sailors living in the barracks. It is always a fun time for our family to bake and bake the Saturday before they are handed out. This year was extra special because the boys wanted to do the baking all by themselves. I was a little nervous about letting them fly solo but I must admit they were yummy! While we were waiting for each batch to finish we watched White Christmas together. On that following Monday some of our Navy families handed out over 500 cookie bags to the sailors. They were so thankful and pleasantly surprised to be handed free cookies and an invitation to church.