Monday, August 2, 2010

Songs worth living

After a busy year, many have noticed I have not updated my blog. Your requests are sweet and very appreciated...therefore, I shall continue to blog as much as I can!

Since a lot has happened in a year, I won't take the time now, instead I will save that for the "year on a page" Christmas card...yippee!

I will begin with my current thoughts on this present day, moment and second. I have been thinking so heavily about my Lord over the past month. I feel like a new Christian desiring to get "back the the basics". He has given me so many blessing in my life. I have so much to be thankful for. His grace continually proves his "Daddy-like" love for me.

The Lord loves to put songs in my head! I know it's His way of getting a "dumb sheeps" attention. I say that because I can sing a song all day without really realizing and by the end of the day, I realize the words were speaking to me! Well, this morning I was given a song and the words hit me before I even finished them....but I asked myself "can I sing this with confidence and passion?" I was afraid to answer. Why is it so easy to get cumbered (weighed down) with the things of this world? His burden is easy and He is always there to take the reigns, yet the song still left me silent. Is my life His and His alone?

My life is yours to control
I give you my heart and my soul
I'll seek your way never mine
Rich treasure to find
Give wisdom to choices I make
Along every path that I take
So when I complete life's race
"Well done", You will say

"Sigh" I pray today that my thoughts would be filled with my "best friend". The One that gives me my breath to breathe. The One that comforts me, The One that never I can sing this song with utmost sincerity...for this is truly a song my Lord deserves to hear from a pure heart and is certainly worth living!

Friday, May 22, 2009

There is much to be thankful for

Today is the first day of summer break! I do enjoy having them home!
Last night was their school graduation. Each year they take time to give awards to the rest of the children in the school. Oh my aching arm from carrying all the awards home!! Ha
No seriously, we are so proud of our kiddos. They worked very hard this year and have all had a desire to excel in everything they do. Jonathan, Justin, Jacob and Jeffrey all achieved High Honors. This means they had straight A's all 4 quarters. All that Thursday night quizzing (that I so often dreaded) paid off! Jonathan also recieved a plaque for "Outstanding runner of the year" from his Cross Country team. Last year we were introduced to an award called the "Eagle" award. This award is the highest award given. Jacob earned this award last year and we were so proud to have our very own Eagle living in our home. This year we were proud of Jonathan to receive this high honor. Way to go guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Celebrating 18 Years!

It is hard to believe John and I have been married for 18 years. We have weathered a few storms, covered a lot of ground, at times exceeded our expectations, other times turned disappointment into opportunity. And through it all...we have mostly laughed and moved onward towards God's next great challenge. It has been the greatest ride I could ever want. John has been a constant support and friend. He truly is my best friend. He is a fabulous father to his boys. I can't thank him enough for making the last 18 years so amazing. Thank you for spoiling me!! Lets get going on the next 18 and see what the Lord brings us!
My day started with these lovely flowers on the front porch.
Then we headed about an hour away to Ruth's Chris Steak House. I know I looked scared in this picture but i really wasn't, i think I am concentrating on keeping the camera steady.

Here we are enjoying our time together...of peace and quiet. We both are glad we did Ruth's Chris once, but think we will do better next time!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Jacob is 12!

Jacob celebrated his 12th birthday on January 30th. We had a great time with 9 of his friends and 6 brothers! Jake has been a wonderful boy and great example to his younger brothers. We couldn't be more proud of him!

The Cotton Head Game...what fun!

This video you will watch what happens to the birthday child every year! It is called the Greasy Barrel and is the highlight of every birthday...well maybe not the birthday boy! Jake's was VERY long this year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

This was a cute scene on Christmas morning. Joel sat on the couch with his eyes fixed on the tree and all the goodies that lay beneath. He patiently waited for the moment to come

Dad reading the Christmas story and celebrating the Saviors Birth.

Joel was so excited! "I can be Santa this year because I can read now!"

Grandpa Santa has arrived!
Joel got his train!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hit the Road, Jon

It's official...Jon can drive! Not alone yet, but he is one happy guy!
Way to go Jon, you did it! Now if it stops snowing maybe you can actually get behind the wheel!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Can't He Just Like Bentley??

John and Bentley have had this love/hate relationship since day one! I am just so confused as to why he doesn't like my sweet puppy!! Please someone...tell me why??

I just don't get it? He is so cute!

Now see, was it really all that bad?? Pray for my husband that he really learns how to forgive and forget....sheeeesh!