Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Celebrating 18 Years!

It is hard to believe John and I have been married for 18 years. We have weathered a few storms, covered a lot of ground, at times exceeded our expectations, other times turned disappointment into opportunity. And through it all...we have mostly laughed and moved onward towards God's next great challenge. It has been the greatest ride I could ever want. John has been a constant support and friend. He truly is my best friend. He is a fabulous father to his boys. I can't thank him enough for making the last 18 years so amazing. Thank you for spoiling me!! Lets get going on the next 18 and see what the Lord brings us!
My day started with these lovely flowers on the front porch.
Then we headed about an hour away to Ruth's Chris Steak House. I know I looked scared in this picture but i really wasn't, i think I am concentrating on keeping the camera steady.

Here we are enjoying our time together...of peace and quiet. We both are glad we did Ruth's Chris once, but think we will do better next time!


Blanchette Family said...

May you have many more years together,love the Pictures of the two your soo cute together ..

Nikki said...

Congragulations!!The storms somehow make us stronger and closer together.Any of us that have been married for some time though see that thats what makes us family.Somehow we love eachother more as time goes on.When we sit back and take a look at what we have compared to the worlds kind of love we see how truly blessed we are.I luv you guys