Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little Old Men

What's that you say, Sonny Boy? Today was the boys "100th Day of School". Each year on the 100th day the entire school dresses up like they are 100 years old. They love this event, and quite frankly, I end up cracking up the most. When Pasha walked out of his room with pants too short, suspenders and all bent over I thought I would lose it...and I did! Justin, being the creative one that he is, was decked out in a robe and a homemade oxygen tank. You will notice Joel is teary eyed in his pictures. Let's just say, his old man costume bit the dust and it was of his own doing. Why is it that kids always want your help and input and when you come up with a great plan, they want to change it? The glasses that Justin is wearing were really for Joel, but during his complaining that they make him sneeze, he ripped of an eyebrow and was moving towards the mustache. I figured he didn't want them and handed them to Justin....needless to say, we landed in meltdown mode. Such the mean Mother that I am, i told him to "move on and realize where complaining will get you." I am sure the day will be a blast...after they take their Geritol of course!

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