Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To the Blueberry Patch

A family in our church have an amazing home..."The Teel Farm". We have so much fun when we go there. Yesterday we took the kids to teen camp (which is at the Teel Farm) and decided to hop in the gator and go blueberry picking.

My Chariot awaits

Mom and Jake working hard picking blueberries...

and Daddy....well, ahh...he ate them!

Actually, we all ate more than we picked. You've never had blueberries until you have had them off of Mrs. Sharon's bushes! There are plenty so just let me know when anyone is coming to CT...you can even stay at BB&B's (Bonnie's Bed & Breakfast.


Nikki said...

My kids did the same thing when we went ,they ate most of them. We still left with more then enough,I cant believe how many there were,we just couldnt stop picking.Although I have to admit Sally and her boys definitly out picked us!You guys look soooo cute! Love Me

Huss Household said...

I NEVER thought I'd say it, but I miss CT. I especially miss all the orchards and berry picking. Maybe something will be in season when we visit for the church open house, and our family can too experience the thrill of eating the fruit of our labor...litterally. Keep smiling!