Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Power of Love, The Power of the Unknown, and the Power of Deja Vu

As I said goodbye to our oldest kids and John today for their Men’s Camping Trip I could only be reminded of how life changes at a moments notice. God is the author of our steps, He guides our ways and he shows us the impossible. He takes our life and He gives us the incomprehensible, he takes the things that have never entered our minds and he brings them to us. Then He takes His grace and before we know it we are accomplishing the very thing we thought we could never do.

Today is an emotional day for me. Not bad emotion, not good emotion…just emotion. You see it is exactly one year ago to the very moment when Pasha came to be with us. The circumstances that are in motion today are the exact circumstances one year ago. I was home with the 3 little ones when we got the call that Pasha ran away. John was away at the camping trip, the skies were dark with rain clouds and I was dog sitting for a lab named Jack. As I write this, (in the dim room because of the rain coming) Jack is here laying at my feet. the similarities are scary...I better go get some Chinese or Dunkin Donuts to change it up a bit! I think I am experiencing deja vu…or maybe just maybe God is revealing to me what good can happen in a year, a crazy year, an adjusting year, a tearful year…but a God orchestrated year. Thank you all for your prayers over the last year…keep sending the “up”!
So, until next year….

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Richard-n-Candace said...

Wow!! A year has really gone by. You and the family are prayed for...