Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The BIG DADDY has arrived

It is interesting how things shrink, to bad it's not bills, messes and hips... but definitely vans. Our big van has gotten smaller and smaller over the past 6 months. We have struggled to put anything in it other than children. We took our trip to NH and realized we were peeking through luggage, sleeping bags and food items just to see the road. It was time to investigate bigger options. We hunted and researched for 2 months until the Lord directed us to an awesome deal…you know He always does when we are patient! We had to drive to Philly to find our “Big Bertha” our Ford Excursion, but the drive was worth this blessing. We had to trade in John’s truck (which was a sad moment, but he is over it) then with savings and our wonderful tax return we were able to pay cash for this gorgeous vehicle! It really is a gift from God. The boys fit in and actually have shoulder room. We don’t hear “he’s touching me” anymore! The trunk is huge and will hold all our belongings when we go away. The interior is leather…which is fun because I have never had a leather car! There is one disguised blessing though…it’s a diesel. We did the math and as gas prices rise we will save about $20 a fill-up, even though diesel costs more it runs longer and the engine has less parts to repair. But let me tell you…you know when the Ludka’s are coming! We won’t be T.P.-ing any houses in the middle of the night with this baby!


Mrs. Pizo said...

Congratulation!!! I am so excted for you!

susieQ said...

Awesome truck! Now you have to see if that puppy is really Ludka worthy and drive it South!! Love Ya,Sue