Friday, March 28, 2008

The Haircut Wars

It is so time for a haircut. The never ending question...what should I do? My hair is so limp at the moment. I don't have the thickest hair. I need to have bangs. Hubby likes it long (of course, what man doesn't) I would love any of your ideas for a new me...or the same me, just a little fixed up!


Mrs. Pizo said...

I like it shorter. I think you probably had layers. I know how you feel you want something new just not sure on how far to go with the new. Good Luck. Post a picture so I can see what you decide.

Tina Bo Bina said...

So have you done it yet? If not, I agree with Lisa...shorter, but def. with some layers. What about some whispy bangs...they are in right now. Show us when you do it :) Tina

Anonymous said...

Well coming from the same gene pool, shorter is better. Our hair just can't handle being long. I think right now the styles are short and sassy! I think a cute bob a little longer in the front with sweeping bangs would be so cute.