Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time away In New Hampshire

If anyone has ever doubted the beauty of our country...just come to New Hampshire! Trees are dead there is dirty snow on the ground, but it is still so awesome! There are mountains and lakes everytime you turn around. I can only imagine what it is like here in the spring.

The best part of our trip have been the relaxation and the accomodations. The condo is perfect for a family our size. The boys have had their fill of the indoor pool and ping pong. I have had my fill of home shows!! yeah!! The bad part about our trip is that I will have no pictures to show for it. On day 2 of our vacation we visited the Sulpizio's over an hour away. I left my camera! I sadly can't stop thinking about my camera being there and all the precious pictures I am missing. I am trying to convince myself that the memories in my head will be just as great...I am not very convincing. We will pick up the camera on our way back to CT.

We are heading home tomorrow to be greeted by our very lonely Kitty and Doggie. See you then!

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