Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Fall

Part of me is not ready for fall because I know what comes after...burrrr!

But it is my favorite time of year. There is nothing more spectacular than New England in the Fall. I can remember shopping for a Ladies Banquet in CA and I saw some garland of fall leaves. I said "Those are so fake looking, nothing could be that bright"...it's true folks...they really get that bright!

I like the warm days and the crisp nights. I love to pull out the pumpkin scented candles and think about making a apple pie...notice I said "think"! I love to watch the kids jump in the leaves and beg to go to the corn maze...which takes 2 hours to find your way out! I have actually grown to love football season. I love a house full of boys, cheering and acting like idiots...then I walk in with a tray of buffalo wings, nachos and popcorn...and I am basically aaaaah, ummmm...WORSHIPPED! I love the smell of wood burning stoves. I love apple picking at Holmberg Orchards. I like to pull out sweaters I haven't seen for awhile. What do you love about fall? There is one thing I could do without...my fall allergies, but the shorter days means I home sooner to rest my bloodshot eyes!

Here are some pictures of the boys when we first moved to CT!! Oh how they have grown.


The Kinnicutt Krew said...

I love Fall too. Californians have NO idea how gorgeous it is around the world BUT we do get more leaf changes in No. Cal.
:-) I agree with the yummy pumpkin candles. My mom had lots of pumpkin stuff (non halloween) and I am excited to put it all out. I also have her leaf sweater from the 80's that charlotte made her (with puff paint). LOL. I'm wearing it. :-)

Mrs. Pizo said...

Fall is so wonderful! You are right while in WA I dreamed of the trees changing there in CT. Now that we are back and in NH we love driving down the road and trying to find the brightest trees.