Monday, November 17, 2008

Another day of the Portholes

Today was an interesting day. I think it must have been a full moon. I used to take pride in that my boys could busy themselves and understand that Mom and Dad had work to be done. Today was NOT the case. I had to take the 3 younger ones plus a friend from church down to the building so I could work on a few portholes. The kids were crazy intense on bugging me to paint. Non-stop begging! So finally I gave in. I created very attractive trash bag painting attire. For the most part this worked well...unless you are six! Joel's trash bag garment was dragging on the ground and through the paint pan and all over his bod! The main reason for our trash bag ensemble was to protect the not so cheap school uniforms!! In less than a half a second Joel was stripped to his "grundies" and Mom was running out to the hose to see if the pants could be spared. Here are a few shots of our fun day...NOTE: Mom didn't get one thing done that day!

"Mom this is embarrassing!"

Joel drying his pants on the lamp.

Portholes in the Toddler Room. Possibly called "Little Tugs" We are open for suggestions to go with our boat theme.


Blanchette Family said...

Ok seeing's how their in school cloths I hope they learned and lesson ( NEVER paint it school cloths )On another note great idea with the garbage bags at least on those who were tall enough to make it work..Poor Joel.
But I have to say seeing him standing there drying is pants is so cute...

Scott and Stacey Cloud said...

Ok Hudson's room at daycare is called the "Little Squirts". That may be a cute name for your Infant room with the turtle porthole! I love the paintings :)