Monday, June 2, 2008

A Special Day

The Ludka's have much to be proud of. Joel started our day off with his kindergarten graduation. He was so excited to participate in all the days activities. His class had been practicing the play The Little Red Hen. Joel was the pig....and a very good pig was he! I personally loved his costume that was so creatively made by his Mother out of her old pink sweatsuit. He also was awarded the Good Attitude Award. It is hard to believe Joel will be a big first grader next year!

That evening the boys school puts on the Awards Ceremony for all the other classes. Here are a few awards...(blogs are a safe place to brag, right?)
Jonathan: Sports - Best base-runner, Best hitter, Best out-fielder,
High Honors in Academics, Biology, Speech, Citizenship (I have no idea what that award is...maybe he helped little old ladies across the street)
Justin: High Honors in academics, Cross-country running award
Jacob: Honors in Academics, Great Student and the EAGLE Award
Jeffrey: High Honors in Academics, Joyful Disposition and Good Attitude, Hard Worker Award
Joel: Good Attitude
Pasha: Diligence Award and Most Improved in every area.
The High Honors Award means you had staight A's for at least 3 quarters in a row. Are these our children???
Now, the Eagle award is the greatest most honorable award that is granted to a student. There are only 2 kids that can get this award. One is for the entire elementary and the other for Jr and Sr. High. There are a lot reasons for this award, but in are basically the best in every area!! We are very proud of our Eagle!!

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Mrs. Pizo said...

Awome Job Boys!!!!

Aunt Lisa