Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Latest Member

Please welcome the newest member of our family. Joel and I took Bentley to the vet for his regular check up and to see if there is a reason for his rotund bod. As we walked in we saw a large cage with a note attached "8 week old kitten, free to good home" Well, Joel of course says "I have always wanted a kitten!" I agreed to try it over the weekend and see how we all do. John is known quite well for his jokes about cats, such as: Cats should all me named Target, The only good cat is a dead know the drill. To our suprise, when we walked in he only shook his head and laughed. I asked John to name him. He said "Cat". So please give a warm welcome to "Cat". He is very sweet and very patient with Bentley. He hasn't hissed or swatted once at him...i think he knows who is king in the house! This were pretty wild there for a few days with Bentley the Cat hunter on the loose, but as you can see...we are find now. If fact they may be partners in crime...I came home yesterday to find them both munching on a tipped over cat food container!

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Mrs. Pizo said...

Pastor is so "ORIGINAL" at least he did not follow through with "TARGET". Very cute! I love the two sleeping together.