Friday, November 23, 2007

Gobble Gobble

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone until next year! Ours started early as usual. Our church holds a fantastic Tuesday Thanksgiving meal for our church family and our sailors from the Navy Base. It is always a great time of eating and hearing testimonies of God's goodness in peoples lives. We fed over 90 people in our small church. I don't think anyone cared how packed in we were...just thankful to be together. Next year we will have room to spread our wings in our new building, but sad to have our last dinner in this meeting place.

On Thursday, we traveled to Grandpa's for a wonderful time with family. We stuffed ourselves! All the boys cared about was getting outside for some football! Thankfully this New England day was 65 degrees. Marian did all the cooking! I had to beg to bring something. She knew I would welcome a break from the kitchen, as I cook for 9 everyday! Grandma and Grandpa wanted to keep the boys until Saturday. What a treat for John and me to have some alone time.

That alone time turned into waking early and entering the crazy world of Black Friday! My first time...and I think the last! I walked into Target and was ready to call it a day after 5 minutes. About 3 stores later, the funny thing is, we found ourselves purchasing nothing but a cart full of groceries from BJ's! Typical! So home we went to enjoy an oddly quiet house. Although the quiet is wonderful, it makes me all the more thankful for my wonderful children.

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Mrs. Pizo said...

It is a wonderful start.
I am sure it will be one of my favoite blogs.